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Gloves in a Bottle - 240mL

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First Response Pregnancy Tests

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Pre-seed Vaginal Lubricant Multi-Use 8+ Applications

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2 x Snowfire Ointment Stick

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Urine Analysis Dip Stick Tests - As used by Doctors

pregnancy and ovulation tests

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cystitis tests
cystitis tests

Urine Infection Test

A urinary infection is an inflammation of the urinary tract, mostly caused by bacteria, and primarily intestinal bacteria. The urinary tract includes the urethra, the bladder, the ureter and the kidneys. Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) are 50 times more common in women and conditions can range from cystitis (a mild but disturbing inflammation that is limited to the bladder) to severe infections of the kidneys.

This test will screen for the presence of any protein, nitrites or leukocytes in your urine. The presence of these components may indicate a bacterial infection of the bladder.

REMEMBER: If the test is positive be sure to consult your doctor.

Urine Infection Test - 2 & 4 Test Strip Packs Options
cystitis tests
cystitis tests

This urine infection test is fast & reliable with a visible result within 2 minutes. This test is suitable for you to do at home and contains 2 or 4 test strips. If you obtain an abnormal result with the first strip, repeat the test using the second strip.

To read information about cystitis and urine infections click here.

Price: UK£ 2.39
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Product Instructions

For full instructions on how to use these tests click here.
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The Complete Home Health Check Pack
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health tests

This test pack is accurate, fast and easy to do, and will help to check for the most common health problems that may occur at any time of life.

The pack will test for Cholesterol, Diabetes, Bowel, Liver and Kidney, Thyroid problems.

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Why do I need this test?

It is mostly women who suffer from urinary infections, since the short urethra favours the penetration of germs. Around 11% of women get a urinary infection every year. However, elderly males are also affected if they have an enlarged prostate which is obstructing the flow of urine.

In healthy people, urine is sterile (i.e. it does not contain any micro-organisms). One of the best ways to keep your urinary tract sterile is to empty your bladder completely at regular intervals.
Generally, an infection starts in the urethra and may then spread into the upper urinary tract as far as the kidneys.

The symptoms vary considerably, depending on whether the lower urinary tract or both the lower tract and the upper tract are affected. With infections of the lower urinary tract, there is a sensation of burning when emptying the bladder, or a strong urge to urinate. The urine may also be cloudy or have a strong odour. If the bladder is also affected, this is known as cystitis (a mild but unpleasant bladder inflammation). Where the upper urinary tract is infected, the symptoms may be similar, but
in addition there may be pain in the lower back, fever and shivering, and the condition may in extreme cases require hospitalisation. Medical handling depends on the precise factors and circumstances of the illness; patients often respond quickly to antibiotic treatment.

How are urinary-tract infections (UTIs) identified?

Generally, first of all test strips are used; these are dipped in a urine sample to detect any signs of an infection: protein, white blood cells (leukocytes) or nitrite (many bacteria not normally present in urine convert nitrate from food into nitrite). If any of these signs are present, a more detailed investigation of both the urine and the patient will be required.

Please note:
It is recommended that, for the test, a sample of urine be taken first thing in the morning, since early-morning urine is the most concentrated. The urine used for the test should not come into contact with water from the toilet or any disinfectant or cleaning substances.
For women only: The test should not be performed during or for three days after your menstrual period. The urine sample should not be contaminated with vaginal fluids since this may produce a misleading result.

Test components:

• Instructions for use with colour table for evaluating the test result, 2 foil packs each with a test strip and desiccant.

Materials required, but not provided:

• Watch with a second hand and a clean container in which to collect your urine (uncontaminated by cleaning fluids!)

Instructions for use

1. Preparing for the test
Before opening the foil pouch, find a suitable clean container in which to collect your urine.
cystitis tests

2. Collect a urine sample in your chosen container. Ensure that the container is clean and dry. Contamination with cleaning products or other
substances may yield false results or render the test invalid.
Open one of the foil pouches at the notch provided and take out the test strip. IMPORTANT: Do not touch the test fields.
Dispose of the desiccant unopened with your household waste.
cystitis tests

3.Dip the test strip in the urine sample, making sure that all three test fields are immersed for about two seconds.
cystitis tests
Then remove the test strip and wipe off any surplus urine against the rim of the container.
cystitis tests

4.Wait for the result to appear
Place the test strip horizontally on the opened foil pack for 60 seconds so as to avoid spilling any urine on any other surfaces.
cystitis tests

5.Reading the result
After waiting 60 seconds, check your result promptly by comparing the test fields with the colours shown below. The results for leukocytes, nitrite and protein should all be checked within the next 60 seconds. Any
discoloration at the end of the test fields or appearing after more than a total of 2 minutes should be ignored.
cystitis tests
cystitis tests

If the colour of the test field has not changed or remained yellow, then no leukocytes have been detected in your urine (negative result for leukocytes). If the colour of the test field has changed to purple, then leukocytes have been found in your urine (positive result for leukocytes).

If the colour of the test field has not changed or remained white, then no nitrite has been detected in your urine (negative result for nitrite).
If the colour of the test field has changed to pink, then nitrite has been found in your urine (positive result for nitrite).

If the colour of the test field has not changed or remained yellow, then no protein has been detected in your urine (negative result for protein).
If the colour of the test field has changed to green, then protein has been found in your urine (positive result for protein).

What should I do if my test result is positive?
Remember that a positive result does not mean that all three substances have been detected in your urine. Even if your result is positive for just one of them, it is most likely that something is wrong with your urine, even if the reason may not be a urinary infection. Get in touch promptly with your own doctor, who will be able to give a more accurate diagnosis. When you visit your doctor, please take these instructions with you so that he/she will be better informed as to the type of test you have performed.

What should I do if my test result is negative?
Remember that your test result is only negative if the result on the test field for all three substances is negative. But if you still feel the signs of a UTI or have any other symptoms, then contact your own doctor to arrange
a more thorough examination.

When should I use the second test?
The second test may be used at any time before the expiry date to double-check the first test result. Make sure you retain the instructions for use as you will need these in order to check the test against the colour chart.


The presence of leukocytes in urine is an important finding in inflammatory conditions of the kidneys and urinary tract. In most cases, where there is a bacterial UTI, leukocytes are found in the urine.
With chronic inflammation, or conditions which are already resolving, leukocytes may however also appear in the urine without bacteria being found. When taking cephalexin and gentamycin, or where there is a high level of glucose in the urine, the result yielded may be a false negative.
When taking imipenem, meropenem or clavulanic acid, the result yielded may be a false positive.

Nitrite eliminated via the urinary tract may only arise due to the conversion of nitrate into nitrite by bacteria inside the urinary tract. So one of the most important symptoms of a bacterial UTI is the presence of nitrite in the urine. However, a one-off test yielding a negative result for nitrite does not
exclude the possibility of a UTI, since the number of bacteria and quantity of nitrate (which is converted) may vary considerably. If urine does not stay for long in the bladder, due to hunger, a vegetable-free diet or antibiotic treatment, the result yielded may be a false negative. Taking
medicines containing phenazopyridine, on the other hand, may generate a false positive result.

The presence of protein in the urine is a frequent symptom in the case of kidney infections. However, there may be many other reasons for the presence of protein. It may be found where
there is inflammation of the bladder or prostate or bleeding in the urinary tract. Your own doctor will diagnose your specific condition if protein is found in your urine, determining why it has been detected.
Infusions containing polyvinylpyrrolidone or medicines containing phenazopyridine may yield a false positive result.
The test components may be discarded with your household waste.
Important note: Please do not make any important medical decisions without first referring to your doctor.

Product information:
This test detects protein, nitrite and/or leukocytes in urine.
Protein: An indicator on the test chart reacts with protein in the urine, changing colour to green.
Nitrite: Gram-negative bacteria in urine convert nitrate from food into nitrite. Nitrite reacts with a chemical in the test field to leave a pink shade.
Leukocytes: An enzyme (esterase) of the granulocytes (one of the main types of leukocytes) enables a chemical reaction which will turn
the test field purple. Leukocytes other than granulocytes cannot be detected.
Chemical components in the test fields must be viewed as potentially dangerous substances, although they present no hazard provided that all test components are used in accordance with these instructions.

Read instructions carefully before use!
Keep out of reach of children.
Do not use the test after expiry date.
Store at 4° - 30°C (39° - 86°F).
Use test only once.
Do not dismantle the test strip.
For external use only.

For more information on cystitis click here.

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cystitis tests

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